Religion Remains Instrument Of Peace And Unity -Says WCC President For Africa, Primate Ositelu

The new World Council of Churches President for Africa, Dr. Rufus Ositelu has stressed the need to use religion as a tool to better foster unity and peace in Nigeria and other parts of the world.
Dr. Ositelu who made remark at a special thanksgiving service on his election victory, promised to make some moves to ensure that the community of churches reckon and take Africa serious.
He said he is currently facilitating how the executive committee of the world council of churches will hold it’s session in Nigeria.
Speaking on world peace and security, the clergyman advised that religious leaders should continue to preach the gospel of peace to the people to live cordially and peacefully among themselves, saying there is no need for violence anywhere in the world.
He said it is misconception and misinterpretation of the holy books that is causing most of the problems facing the society which he concluded can be overcome through advocacy and prescribed teachings of the holy scriptures.
On the forthcoming general election in Nigeria, Dr. Ositelu urged Nigerians not to allow themselves to be taking for granted.
He noted that all the candidates contesting in the election have good track records but there most be one with the best record hence the need to be vote such so as to have a turn around of the situation of the country.
He said people should vote for the candidates they can trust instead of following the one with empty promises.
He warned politicians that the election should not be seen as a do or die affair but to be hopeful, trust in God, work hard and wait for God to decide.
If you are not elected now, there is hope.
Speaking on how to further project the mage of Nigeria, he explained that the world community of Christians will be invited to Nigeria to come and see that Nigeria is better than the way she is being portrayed in the international and social media.
He said that the new office was a great testimony because he had contested for the presidency of christian council of Nigeria and that of All African conference of churches Nairobi, Kenya where he was not elected but nominated to work with the winners.
“The problem we are having in Africa is too much sentiment, It is only in Africa that people care about his is my brother, she is my sister, they don’t belong to our denomination, if we really want the situation of Nigeria and Africa to be better we must always go for the best shot, and forget about ethnic and religious sentiments to allow those who can do the job to be at the helms if governance”
“I don’t care if you have all it takes I will campaign and vote for you ” He said.
Speaking at the ceremony on the role of women in national development, Director of Communication of the church of the lord worldwide, The Reverend, Mrs Bunmi Badejo said that the women folks should be participatory in every aspect of national development and to take part in the process of the 2023 general election.
” I am convinced that women have a very important role to play now not just because they are in the majority but that they deserve to be given a voice”
She said that the importance of the role of women can not be over-emphasized.
“They have what it takes and generally when given a position or power, they do excel and by the virtue of the fear of God deposited in them”
According to The Reverend Mrs Badejo, women are generally strong, courageous, intelligent, can multitask and needed all the encouragements so as not to be left behind.
The Reverend Mrs Badejo noted that as Nigeria will be going to the polls next year, women should begin to warn the youths against violence and to never allow any politician to use them to foment trouble.

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